Reaching Out a Helping Hand


Apart from the different events that we offer as an opportunity for the individual needs to be met, we also focus on the developing countries that do not have a social system to take care of the less privileged. Therefore, we work in partnership with different NGO’s, Christian associations, societies, communities, institutions, families and individuals worldwide to materialize the vision, because we are a movement that is interested to create a wider movement of people working together to spread the gospel not merely by words but also by action.
The advantage of building up a network of NGO’s and communities across borders is that they can locally determine those in need, most especially widows (or widowers) or those unable to fund their children’s education. We equally support such families in any other way need may arise. In war zones many families are compelled to leave their homes abruptly (IDP) and in such cases there is need for a re-establishment. Our target is to assist the IDP with housing, feeding, and ensure that they live in a safe environment. We also support those in need of documentation in their new locations. When the ReachOut International team and partner NGO’s, stationed overseas have determined the state of need, then those locally present are able to support them in the required manner which includes feeding, support of house rent or medical care, sponsoring a child’s education and much more. More information on supporting particularly the IDP, widows/widowers, orphans can be found here: Sponsor A Child.
We are also interested in building up the body of Christ by supporting other ministries or church institutions. In order to further the kingdom work, we are open to invitations of visitation and ministration as guest speakers in different locations

Sponsor a Child

As we have the vision to meet the needs of the less privileged worldwide, we are also partnering with orphanages in developing countries to be a help to the helpless and a voice to the voiceless. By sponsoring children, our desire is to help them achieve a certain standard of living through the provision of a family in a safe environment, to eat healthily and to obtain proper education. We have as options to sponsor a child through our organisation with one-time or regular payments as well as sending various packages to them.
Another way we reach out to these children in the orphanages is to provide unforgettable moments of joy in their childhood during special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas. We have partners who started a project of providing Christmas gifts for orphanages as well as families that do not have the means to celebrate Christmas together.
If you are interested in sponsoring a child, you can sign up for it and we will provide you with the required information about the child and will keep you updated on the well-being of the child’s living and education. Further details can be found here